Atmosphere Resort & Spa Dumaguete

Atmosphere Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel in Dumaguete. This place offers a cozy, modern, and clean atmosphere. The resort is spacious, but the design maintains a calm and uncluttered feel. There are various room options, including pool villas for couples and duplex rooms for groups of up to six people. For families, the resort provides a wide range of activities and services, including a spa, gym, three swimming pools, and various water activities.

What sets this resort apart is its excellent delicious cuisine and 5-stars vacation experience unlike the usual dive resorts. The house reef, located near the resort’s beach, is considered one of the finest dive spots. Just a short descent of 6 to 7 meters reveals a wealth of marine life, making it almost unnecessary to search for underwater creatures; they’re right there for you to see.

As you descend deeper, you’ll encounter a diverse range of soft and hard coral formations. This area is ideal for observing small marine creatures and for night diving. It’s said that the area has been gradually becoming richer in biodiversity, as about three years ago, a group of divers collaborated to sink old shipping containers into the sea to create homes for juvenile marine life.


Dining: The main restaurant here can accommodate up to 90 guests simultaneously. In addition to the main dining area, there is also a bar near the pool, providing a relaxed atmosphere. Special areas like the beachfront or treehouse can be reserved in advance for special occasions.

Wellness: If you’re coming to dive with your family, you need not worry. Alongside water activities, the resort offers yoga classes up to twice a day, with up to 12 dedicated instructors. Moreover, for those looking to have some time off from their children, the resort offers 24-hour childcare services.

Adventure: The resort offers a wide range of day trips, from basic snorkeling excursions around various islands to hiking and bird-watching tours, all provided with expert guides and binoculars.

There are a total of 6 room types at this resort:

Deluxe Suite Room: The most basic room in the resort, featuring a spacious balcony and an outdoor bathroom. It can accommodate up to 3 people. The price is approximately 17,000 pesos or around 15,000 Thai Baht.

Premium Pool Suite: These are private pool villas, each with a pool size of about 20 square meters. There are only 8 of these rooms available. The price is 25,000 pesos.

Premium Suite Room: Similar to the Deluxe Suite but with more space. The price is 20,000 pesos per night.

Family Suite Room: Suitable for up to 4 people without additional charges. The price is 22,000 pesos.

Garden Apartment: These rooms have a separate bedroom and can accommodate up to 3 people. They offer a spacious area.

Penthouse & Duplex Family Suite: The Penthouse has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, priced at 23,000 pesos per night. The Duplex can accommodate up to 6 people and is priced at 34,000 pesos.


Entransce of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Photo of main pool of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Pool Villa
Main dining room Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

The tree house can be reserved for yoga or special occasion
Dip pool inside the spa
Photo of outdoor gym of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa
Outdoor gym
Photo of outdoor spa area in Atmosphere Resorts & Spa
Sanctuary Spa
Photo of dive center's cleaning area of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa
Dive Center
Photo of dive center of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa
Briefing area
Flamboyant Cuttlefish, one of the common things you will spot in Dumaguete
Juvenile Frogfish